How to Choose Men’s Jewelry in a simple, traditional and powerful style

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Manually choosing jewelry for men suitable for age, in a strong style.
In the life of the rapidly developing society, the demand for jewelry increases, not only women who wear female jewelry to beautify today, men also focus on creating style. own for myself with jewelry accessories such as: Silver Necklaces, Silver Bracelets, Silver Rings to increase the attractiveness and appeal for women.

And 3 facts men need to know:
1. 95% of WOMEN like men to wear rings
2. 96.5% WOMEN likes to wear jewelry.
3. 99.9% WOMEN, when asked why, all answered: Look more masculine, more impressive, more attractive and attractive …
That is enough reason for you to decide to choose silver jewelry that suits your physique.
Here we will share how to coordinate and choose the most suitable men’s silver jewelry:

Choice Of Hand Shake For Men

The strong Men’s Silver Bracelet is an indispensable accessory for men, it has high aesthetics and shows the strong personality of the wearer. Tips for those with small wrists can wear larger bangles for added attention, as the eye of the person looking at it won’t feel your wrist is small. For the group of people with big wrists, you should choose a strong hand shake such as dragon, snake hand shake … Note do not choose to shake hands too loud to avoid the wearer feeling heavy and

Choose a suitable men’s necklace

Men’s necklaces are the first piece of jewelry when we think of them when we go shopping, but choosing the right men’s necklace with your physique, body, skin color, age is not easy. Especially when the men do not spend a lot of time in buying and refer to our selection of the most suitable line as follows:.

For men with large necks, you should choose necklaces with a length of about 55 cm – 60 cm and thickness rather than choosing thin strings that will look more balanced with your body. And for men with a necklace that is medium (not small, not too big), the length of the necklace for men is 50 cm, which is both beautiful.

Choose a finger ring that fits your finger

According to research about the past 3 years, men like to wear silver rings with studded stones, metal rings such as silver rings and choose stones with colors that match feng shui, suitable for their age.

And one very important thing before buying is that you always have to measure the finger you want to wear the ring to choose the right ring size, in case you don’t know how to measure the size, you can Ask the shop staff, jewelry factories to advise you on purchasing and selecting products, click here for guidance to measure finger size to choose a medium size ring

After measuring the ring, you should report it to the store’s sales consultant so that they can help you choose the ring size that fits you.
With some small suggestions like that but hopefully will help you choose the right silver jewelry for yourself. thank you!


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